Local development productivity tools meant to smooth and ease developers day to day work. It is meant to be cross-platform but for now is tested using MacOs and Ubuntu

This are few examples

  • unified command line interfaces for multiple cli tools
  • interactive command line mode
    • this act as an interactive wrapper on top of existing cli tools
    • also allow extending the existing cli tools with auto-completion, input enhanced wizard or description
    • allow switching between command namespaces in the same terminal
  • Implement custom CLI tools using Python, fully integrate with all LCLI tool features:
    • just write some code class or function and configure them to be wired in application
  • use Fire to auto document Python objects, so all you should do is to focus on business logic


Fire mode

In fire mode the application allow user to configure a hierarchy of objects that fit its needs for various project. The user can navigate and execute the hierarchy using Fire library by Google. “Python Fire is a library for automatically generating command line interfaces (CLIs) from absolutely any Python object.”

Interactive mode

Most often during the development process developers are using various tools for various projects. The interactive mode purpose is to improve productivity by offering auto-completion details on the spot. This is implemented on top of python cmd package:

Getting Started

Installation process

Install from source

# Using invoke
invoke install
#from project root directory
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 -m pip install . --user

Software dependencies

This is a Python package available as MIT License and is depending on following packages:

Latest releases

  • V-0.2.2 - First released version.

API references

Build and Test


# Using invoke
invoke build


# Using invoke
invoke test
invoke coverage
# Using pytest
pytest --cov=src/lcli/ .

Use cases

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Feel free to contribute to this project and make developer life essayer:

  • by submitting new ideas as a github issue here
  • by making pull request with specific bug fixes
  • for new features or architectural change please contact George Babarus to avoid double work on any way.